Purrfect Auto

Auto Repair, Fontana, CA

Purrfect Auto Service provides a one-stop solution for its customers’ automotive maintenance needs. Our locations combine 5 businesses, i.e., fast lube, brake system repair, smog inspection, air conditioning system service, and general repair, all under one roof.

Each Purrfect Auto Service location has at least two bays dedicated to the fast lube business with four or more additional bays for the other services. Purrfect Auto Service prides itself in negotiating group contracts for oil, parts and marketing products that generate savings for the franchisees that offset most, if not all, of the royalty fees paid by the franchisees. This means that the franchisees obtain the benefits of being part of the franchise system while maintaining overall overhead similar to that of an independent auto repair operator.

Purrfect Auto Service teaches its franchisee that they are in the service business. This means they must run a clean, professional shop that provides reliable, honest and quality service at an affordable price. Purrfect Auto Service insists that its franchisees return all of the old parts to its customers, except for hazardous waste parts (which are displayed to the customer before being disposed of). By doing so, our franchisees build trust with their customers, who feel that Purrfect Auto Service locations are operated in an ethical manner and with the assurance that the services they paid for will be performed.

It is the mission statement of Purrfect Auto Service to provide every customer with quality automotive maintenance service in a clean, professional, reliable and ethical business environment and the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

We serve in Fontana, CA.

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